Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abc's with Grace

Here is Caitlin and Connor's cousin Grace doing a great job with her Abc's. Caitlin is very obsessed with her Abc's lately - so much so one song can just keep going and going! Most common is "Abcd - lmnop"

Also doing a great job is Grace's sister Lauren who is starting to walk - notice her in the background!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holy Boys Batman!

We have been blessed with both family & friends having BOYSin the past month! First came Landon James very early but very handsome and healthy. Next came another cousin, Eric Henry - Jeff and Jenn's first little bundle of joy! Not missing a beat, came another Stanko boy - Andrew "Drew" Philip. The next little man to arrive, a day after St. Patrick's Day, Sean Patrick Harris - Meghan and Sean's first. And to round out the month, Ezra Ashton Brown joined his proud parents this afternoon. Congrats to all!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Mommy & Me Pics!

Keeping up with my mommy & me challenge for 2009 - Here are a few more pics!

We love our watertable (Great gift, Dana!) it is the perfect size - we use it all year round! A great activity for these long winter days is to fill it with fun stuff and let the kids explore. We decided to bring the snow in since we have had the sniffles and just can't seem to keep the mittens on when we are outside! The Mr/Mrs. Potato Head pieces came in handy!
The Walk Watch continues...Connor is standing up confidently by himself and is taking a few steps. He usually starts clapping for himself which causes him to lose his balance and down he goes!