Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stay up late to CREATE!

Thats me! Staying up late to create...or should I say to Pinterest what I want to create.  I've got a to do list a mile long and since the "bigs" are hangin with Gramma Pammy & Papa...its go time!  So tomorrow its on.  I am redesigning the laundry room for back to school, making a matching monogram for the master bedroom and putting up a trinket shelf in the play kitchen.  Can't wait to take some pics and share.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dip Happens...

Been busy will be back to a regular posting schedule soon.
This is Caitlin's doing at her brother's bday party last year!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get your Garage Sale on!


We have a great variety of baby, toddler and household items.

baby toys
baby clothes - lots with tags on still
misc baby gifts still in box
eddie bauer bassinet
crib new in box
push and ride on toys
fish rocker
kids books - board, harcover and soft
potty chair
toddler clothes
scrapbooking supplies
stationery supplies
home decor
2 tv's
coffee table
mini tobbagon
misc electronics
misc household
adult clothes and books

Bins priced at .10 and .25!
Everything is going - nothing is coming back in the house!!!

26582 Mallard Court
South Lyon, MI 48178

The Heights of Elkow Farms
Off 11 Mile between Martindale and Milford Road

Few other families in the sub are having garage sales too.
The City Wide Garage Sales are going on at this time as well!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream Pretend Play Menu!

Designed for my daughter to sprinkle up her birthday party!
Available in my etsy shop! Great favors!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame!

Bookies Bar & Grill before the game.
My little fan
Date 13/52
Theme: Take me out to the ball game!
Location: Detroit
Day/Time: Friday 1:10

Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers has become a favorite tradition of ours. In Michigan, you never know what the weather will be like.  One day you could be in shorts eating ice cream and the next day you could be shoveling snow. Last week, I packed up all the winter gear and of course as luck would have it - we needed it.  However, we were dumb optimistic and dressed for the promised degrees of "in the 50's".  I don't think it got above 40 and with the winds it felt even colder!!!  BUT....

We had a great time! We hung out with a bunch of friends and supported our struggling economy.  We were so cold we ended up heading out a tad early and grabbing dinner.  It was nice hanging out with my hubby, seeing the Tigers win and getting our date in before the busy weekend.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Date 12/52
Theme: A DAY OUT!
Location: Brighton
Day/Time: Saturday 1-3pm

With Easter and two kids birthdays within a week our lives are pretty busy here - I'm pretty much addicted to party planning and am in my glory right now finishing up the details  ice cream themed party....BUT I knew we needed to use our wonderful Allison who was home for college so we signed her up for 2 hours and went into a nearby town called Brighton. 

We stopped in to a favorite little shop called Oh, My Lolli for a few last minute Easter basket treats.  Next, we went to Brighton Bar & Grill - small salad for me since they have the best dressings!  Guinness for the hubby.  Lastly, to Downtown Main - I love this place!  Actually, I love anywhere you can order a chocolate covered strawberry but their food is great and drink-e-poos taste so yummy.  I always get the Mango Martini and it tasted perfect halfway through the day!!!  We managed to do all this in under 2 hours!  It was so nice to have a little break in the middle of the day.  Most of the time when we go out on a date we come home to sleeping kids it was a nice change of pace to come home to kids so excited to see you.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Date 12/52
Theme: Fashion Show
Location: Our House
Day/Time: Saturday Night 7pm

For this date I spent some time shopping earlier in the day.  I gathered a bunch of things I might want for Spring and some things my husband needed too.  I tried on the different outfits and got his opinion - sometimes I listened, sometimes I didn't.  He did the same.  We made our return piles and got some laughs out of the "dad jeans" that are headed back to the store!  In addition, we ordered a few swimsuits online for me.  I felt good about the date because I got to cross a few things off my TO DO list and we chatted and laughed the whole time.  I learned that when I buy something that I wouldn't normally buy - something my husband would like I might actually like it too.  Definately a fun easy date.  To make it a little more fun I'd suggest the score cards numbered 1-10!  :)