Monday, April 5, 2010


Date 12/52
Theme: A DAY OUT!
Location: Brighton
Day/Time: Saturday 1-3pm

With Easter and two kids birthdays within a week our lives are pretty busy here - I'm pretty much addicted to party planning and am in my glory right now finishing up the details  ice cream themed party....BUT I knew we needed to use our wonderful Allison who was home for college so we signed her up for 2 hours and went into a nearby town called Brighton. 

We stopped in to a favorite little shop called Oh, My Lolli for a few last minute Easter basket treats.  Next, we went to Brighton Bar & Grill - small salad for me since they have the best dressings!  Guinness for the hubby.  Lastly, to Downtown Main - I love this place!  Actually, I love anywhere you can order a chocolate covered strawberry but their food is great and drink-e-poos taste so yummy.  I always get the Mango Martini and it tasted perfect halfway through the day!!!  We managed to do all this in under 2 hours!  It was so nice to have a little break in the middle of the day.  Most of the time when we go out on a date we come home to sleeping kids it was a nice change of pace to come home to kids so excited to see you.


  1. My hubbie goes to Brighton about once a month to visit someone. He never told me it had things to do there! I always assumed it was a sleepy little town with a ski hill.
    Sounds like a great mid-day date. Have fun with the party planning!

  2. mmmm - chocolate strawberries. Never tried a mango martini - but also sound great.

    I've never been brave enough to leave our little 'darlings' on a babysitter during waking hours but what a treat! I'm very jealous and your date (even if ONLY for 2 hours) sounds like heaven.

  3. what fun in 2 hours. great times. thanks for sharing. i always enjoy a night out. see you next week!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


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