Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

What a fun day for the newest TWO year old on the block! Caitlin loves CAKE, actually frosting and just couldn't stop talking about "eat cake and open da presents" she'd say. She did just that with close family and perfect weather this past Saturday! Caitlin was a gracious host as her Nana put it - saying "thank you" to everyone complete with a hug and a kiss. We couldn't be more proud! Pics of the party to come!

Awhile back, I had a graphic artist ( design the image for her invite - it turned out perfect (THANKS MEG) with Caitlin's classic pig tails and "2" cake. Meg has been great to work with over the past year and will do great with her new etsy shop! She knows I'm addicted and will be back for more little treats.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor!

Connor is 1! What a fun year - it goes by so fast! He is becoming a bit more talkative when he can get a word in - he says "mommy", "daddy", "bye-bye", "ba-ba", "hi" and "yessssss!" He loves all his new birthday toys and had so much fun with family and friends at his party!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abc's with Grace

Here is Caitlin and Connor's cousin Grace doing a great job with her Abc's. Caitlin is very obsessed with her Abc's lately - so much so one song can just keep going and going! Most common is "Abcd - lmnop"

Also doing a great job is Grace's sister Lauren who is starting to walk - notice her in the background!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holy Boys Batman!

We have been blessed with both family & friends having BOYSin the past month! First came Landon James very early but very handsome and healthy. Next came another cousin, Eric Henry - Jeff and Jenn's first little bundle of joy! Not missing a beat, came another Stanko boy - Andrew "Drew" Philip. The next little man to arrive, a day after St. Patrick's Day, Sean Patrick Harris - Meghan and Sean's first. And to round out the month, Ezra Ashton Brown joined his proud parents this afternoon. Congrats to all!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Mommy & Me Pics!

Keeping up with my mommy & me challenge for 2009 - Here are a few more pics!

We love our watertable (Great gift, Dana!) it is the perfect size - we use it all year round! A great activity for these long winter days is to fill it with fun stuff and let the kids explore. We decided to bring the snow in since we have had the sniffles and just can't seem to keep the mittens on when we are outside! The Mr/Mrs. Potato Head pieces came in handy!
The Walk Watch continues...Connor is standing up confidently by himself and is taking a few steps. He usually starts clapping for himself which causes him to lose his balance and down he goes!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PJ Days

Lots of PJ days around here lately...sniffles and coughs...a few more mommy & me pics!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Funny Feet & Fetch

Connor loves to curl his toes...really curl his toes which makes it close to impossible putting shoes on him. However, this past weekend we were off to cousin Lauren's 1st birthday and he needed some shoes. Found a great pair of kicks at Target to get him through til he gets his BIG BOY shoes - I think he will be walking by his birthday but we will see...He is really into fetch right now but is taking steps by himself (especially if I dangle his pacifier out in front of him) funny little guy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Girl Pants...

The perks of potty training for Caitlin, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, mommy's home-made cookies & getting to wash her hands "like a big girl". On this particular day when I came to check on her this is what I saw. Never a dull moment around here! A favorite routine she has developed is picking out undies for the day. She insists on spreading them all out and then going through the names (YES, she has names for her undies) of each of them. Eventually she will decide on a pair, or as in the top picture she will just try and wear them all at once. Last week as a little treat I took her to pick out some new undies and an extra potty for the kids bathroon upstairs. She has the Fisher Price froggy potty - very simple and easy to clean no bells and whistles to distract her from the job at hand. We still have an occasional Uh-Oh but she continues to surprise us. Today for example, during nap I heard a loud banging noise followed by a MOMMY! I went up to check things out and found Caitlin in her birthday suit - I tried to quickly get her back in her pull-up but she said, "No mommy, wet!" followed with a "Poo-Poo" and off she went down the hall to do her business. We are super proud of her!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should be Sleeping...

Its 11:07 and I should be sleeping...BUT I have had this on the "To Do" for much to long. So now I can check it off! Sometimes I write things on the "To Do" list that I've already done just so I can check them off...yep thats a bit crazy.

So a friend of mine, Melissa, got me hooked on her blog...
I've enjoyed keeping up with her and have even decided to join her in the MOMMY & ME Challenge. The idea is to take a picture with your kiddo once a week (this means I have to do my hair). I've always been the "photographer" at family gathering, parties, playgroups...and I take a ton of pics of my little ones BUT I rarely get any of me with Caitlin or Connor. So I set up the camera and TRY, keyword being TRY to get a shot of me with one of them. So far I've got a couple I'm somewhat happy with. I am excited and hope I'll get better at it as I go. To get inspired check out the shots Melissa has with her son Reece. PRECIOUS!

WEEK ONE - (Connor & Mommy) I had to hold him because he saw that camera and had one thing on his mind...I'm going to crawl super fast and knock it down like my stacking blocks!
More to come!