Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should be Sleeping...

Its 11:07 and I should be sleeping...BUT I have had this on the "To Do" for much to long. So now I can check it off! Sometimes I write things on the "To Do" list that I've already done just so I can check them off...yep thats a bit crazy.

So a friend of mine, Melissa, got me hooked on her blog...
I've enjoyed keeping up with her and have even decided to join her in the MOMMY & ME Challenge. The idea is to take a picture with your kiddo once a week (this means I have to do my hair). I've always been the "photographer" at family gathering, parties, playgroups...and I take a ton of pics of my little ones BUT I rarely get any of me with Caitlin or Connor. So I set up the camera and TRY, keyword being TRY to get a shot of me with one of them. So far I've got a couple I'm somewhat happy with. I am excited and hope I'll get better at it as I go. To get inspired check out the shots Melissa has with her son Reece. PRECIOUS!

WEEK ONE - (Connor & Mommy) I had to hold him because he saw that camera and had one thing on his mind...I'm going to crawl super fast and knock it down like my stacking blocks!
More to come!

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  1. Yeah Carrie! I am so excited that you started your blog! Your family is going to love reading your posts and seeing all of your pictures! This picture of you and Conner is so cute! Can't wait to see what your other ideas are:)


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