Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Girl Pants...

The perks of potty training for Caitlin, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, mommy's home-made cookies & getting to wash her hands "like a big girl". On this particular day when I came to check on her this is what I saw. Never a dull moment around here! A favorite routine she has developed is picking out undies for the day. She insists on spreading them all out and then going through the names (YES, she has names for her undies) of each of them. Eventually she will decide on a pair, or as in the top picture she will just try and wear them all at once. Last week as a little treat I took her to pick out some new undies and an extra potty for the kids bathroon upstairs. She has the Fisher Price froggy potty - very simple and easy to clean no bells and whistles to distract her from the job at hand. We still have an occasional Uh-Oh but she continues to surprise us. Today for example, during nap I heard a loud banging noise followed by a MOMMY! I went up to check things out and found Caitlin in her birthday suit - I tried to quickly get her back in her pull-up but she said, "No mommy, wet!" followed with a "Poo-Poo" and off she went down the hall to do her business. We are super proud of her!


  1. So what are the names for her undies? The video is too cute! She will love to watch that when she is older!

  2. Nice pussy why don’t u lay down so I can give that little pussy a nice lick


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