Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FREE PRINTABLE - dresser drawer labels {girl}

So as this little one gets ready to turn three we are prepping her for a few chores.  She already feeds the dog and the next thing she chose was to put her laundry away - "all by myself" as she says.  Caitlin helped pick out some of the pics for the labels (thus the Strawberry Shortcake items) & decided what went where.  She is so proud of her new chore and is doing great - I'm sure it will wear off in time but for now she is having a lot of fun learning and helping mom!  If you'd like me to send you the printable files for these so you can use them too.  Just email me at and I'll get them sent out to you!


  1. So cute and Caitlin is so cute too! I love her name. I wanted Kate for a girl's name for Emily, but my hubby's sister's name is Katy so we went with Emily Ann, which I love too! :)

  2. I have an Emmaleigh Ann (and a Joleigh Marie, and...maybe a petulant 15-year old named Kyleigh Michele)...and I'm so thankful for these. My girleighs will love them. Thank you!

  3. How did you apply them? Or did you print on labels?


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