Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did I hear the word TREAT?

If you say the word "treat" in our house everyone gets excited - even the dog! On busy days I dread figuring out whats for snack. Here's a little trick I've been using for awhile and its so easy. We call it the "Treat Tin". Take a cupcake tin and fill with mini containers - the Glad ones fit perfectly. Then fill up the containers with a variety of colorful treats! Have the kids help or do it yourself as a surprise - either way its sure to spice up snacktime or help out with some additional choices at mealtime. Ours fits perfectly in the fridge too!

Depending on the age and level of your kids you can make it educational too. Pick out something yellow? Count three celery pieces. Choose a fruit. Who's says you can't "play" with your food at the table, right?
I can't guarantee they'll eat their broccoli but they will like getting to pick from all the fun choices.
The kids will love it and more importantly so will you! 

I've also used this idea for salad makings, arts and crafts, etc - so many possibilities!  Have fun with it and be sure to share any ideas you have too! Another bonus - they are a snap to put away!


  1. Love it! I am going to link to you from my Family blog! I have to share your creativeness with others....


  2. What a GREAT idea! My kids will love this.


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