Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thin Mint Martini Please!

Date 8/52

Theme: Martini Night Out
Location: The Living Room (not ours - thats really the name of the place)!
Day/Time: Saturday at 9pm

Being that my hubby was only in town for 12 hours from last week to this week I really needed to have a drink I was pretty sure we'd be scheduling a make-up date.  BUT....my parents were at the house and I was glad Dan was up for getting out for a little while. 

So we headed to our favorite hang-out by where we used to live and frequent often pre- kids.  Its a little local hang out that serves up unique pizzas & fabulous drinks.  We met up with two other couples and were soon sipping on our favorite martini's. A thin mint martini for me (think Girl Scout cookie but in a yummy drink) & Dan's usual is the Cajun.  It was nice to get out for a few hours & only spend a little $ yet feel like a million bucks!


  1. Thin mint martini sounds yummy. Sounds like a good good date.

  2. MMmmmmm. sounds like a great date!

  3. I need one of those, off to google the ingredients xo

  4. That drink sounds yummy! Sounds like a fun night.

  5. that is so great you made the effort for a date night even when he wasn't in town much. and nice to go out with friends, too. we love going out with friends. doesn't happen very often anymore. thanks for sharing and we'll see you next week!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  6. Yay! Sounds very grown up and kid-free.


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